How to Sell Digital Products on WordPress

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to sell digital products on WordPress.

Watch video on how to sell digital products on WordPress

In this how to create a website tutorial, I’m going to show you how to digital downloadable products on your website. I’ll specifically show you how to sell digital products on WordPress.

So, what is a Digital Product? A digital product is any piece of media that can be distributed or sold repeatedly online without the need to manage inventory. E.g., PDFs, MP3s, videos, templates, and more.

I have created a website for a business that creates or designs reusable templates for their clients to enhance their productivity. With this business model, clients needed to request for a quote in order to get their required templates made.

Now the website owner (which is me) wants to be able to allow his clients download their templates immediately upon payment.

In effect, I want to show you how to convert your WordPress website into an online store. Therefore, the only requirement for this tutorial is a WordPress website.

This tutorial is a continuation of a tutorial I’ve made on how to create a WordPress website and I’m going to build on it.

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