How to Make An eCommerce Website Using WordPress

In this video, I show you how to make an eCommerce website using WordPress step-by-step. With this tutorial, you can create an eCommerce website to fit your brand. We’re going to use a theme that is made perfectly for online stores.

The home page of the store displays a branded here section with a call to action, a featured product categories, featured products section that displays – recent products, best selling products and products on sale. It also has a section for shipping information, delivery, and secure payment; and finally, a section for recent blog posts that will drive traffic to your store.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have fully dynamic and interactive store that you can use to start making sales immediately. Also, I’ll show you how to integrate payment gateways to your online shop and also show you how to fulfill orders so that your customers will keep buying from you.

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Watch a Video on How to Make an eCommerce Website Using WordPress

CSS Code Used in this Tutorial

/*** Product Wishlist ***/
a.tinvwl_add_to_wishlist_button.tinvwl-icon-heart.tinvwl-position-after {
    background: #ffb500;
    padding: 2px 7px;
    color: #fff;

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