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What Happens After National Service?

You became very excited on that day when you received a text message on your phone telling you that you’ve gained an admission to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology or Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting programme. He also felt very happy when he received a letter offering him the opportunity to pursue an HND in Building Technology programme.

You all paid school fees after all to start your studies. You all studied very hard. You went through hardships, just to come out with good honours. Luck was on your side and you were able to meet your set target (thus getting good honours).

We all know that after school, you will have to go through the 11 – 12 months mandatory national service so that you would be exposed to the job industry. With this, you might be posted to a place of your liking. And others might also be posted to places they do not want to take their careers. Some will try to change their places of service just to be placed at a somewhat “better place”. Others will also try to change but to no avail.

When you started work as a service personnel, you worked relentlessly just to please your superiors. You accorded top-level management with the highest respect. You did all these just to win their favours at the time of appointments.

The luckiest ones had their appointments during the service or immediately after service. Some had theirs not necessarily under the department they were posted to do the national service.

Now, yesterday was 31st August, 2016 (AD). Meaning the 11 – 12 months “national suffering” is over. You were not given the job you worked hard or respected superiors for.

What happens after the national service?

You didn’t get this job doesn’t mean all hope is lost. The one or two semester(s) Entrepreneurship course you learnt in school should now come into play. In this course, you were taught how to start your own business. The time has come for you to put what you’ve learnt into practice.

This article is not going to teach you how to start a business. I’m only sending you this piece just to point out to you where to turn to after your national service. You wouldn’t want to add up to the already bloated unemployment figure in the country.

However, on this website, there are several articles on how to start your own business which are listed below:

  • How to start a business from home
  • Types of business formations
  • Starting a sole proprietorship
  • Starting a partnership business

You can visit the links provided above to have a recap of what you’ve learnt back in school to know the right form of business for you.

Wish you success in your quest to starting your own business!!!

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